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Ancient Egyptian Wisdom ... Daily Practice

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cleopatra’s tomb: Found at last?....So What!

Zahi Hawass is obsessed with finding Cleopatra’s tomb. She wasn’t even a queen during the time of the true Ancient Kemetic Dynasties. She is most likely part Ptomlemy, which means she is related to those conquered Ancient Kemet. All of this attention is being used to distract us from the fact that Ancient Kemet was ruled by Africans. Zahi’s goal is to continue the myth that Kemet was ruled by Europeans. Not even his own people (Arabs)! Talk about love for the conqueror. In his article, he associates Cleopatra with the “Egyptian Goddess, Isis”. When will we stop honoring the conqueror, Isis is the greek name for Ast, Osiris is the greek name for Ausar. As a linguist, I am deeply offended by those who use misnomers. And people, please stop using the term “cartouche” as Zahi continues to do. The term “cartouche” is a French term referring to the bullet cartridge of a gun. To the French, the Kemetic name holder resembled the cartridge. The Ancient Kemites referred to the name holder as “Shen”. It is a symbol of eternal life, not a symbol of death! It was used in ancient writings (known as Metu Neter- divine utterances, not “hieroglyphs”) to declare that your name will live on into eternity. We need to recognize the Ancient Kemites for who they were-- African people with African names. The Greeks destroyed monuments and created false images of their own. Let the Greeks honor their own people. Cleopatra is irrelevant to the history of the ancients. She is a biracial invader. The only thing that makes her famous is her complexion. It allows Europeans to continue to claim our heritage. Come on Zahi…let’s dig a little deeper and further back into the real history!

Articles on Cleopatra tomb:

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http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1893329,00.html (make sure to click on pictures of Cleopatra through the Ages)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

African Egypt, Part 2: Black Genesis by Robert Bauval

I know I promised that my Saturday posts would present the facts behind the African origin of Ancient Egypt. However, since I've neglected several Saturdays. I figured I'd post this one. Renowned author Robert Bauval's upcoming book, Black Genesis: The Quest for the Origins will make this case. While Mr. Bauval's book is not scheduled for release until next year, he has posted a brief video explaining part of his argument on YouTube.

Bauval's arguments include analysis of Nabta Playa, the monolith site approximately 70 miles west of Abu Simbel in the region between Egypt and Sudan (read Nubia/Kush). The site was initially considered irrelevant; however recent study has identified it as a stone circle calendar complete with the accompanying markers for the vernal equinox helical rising of several stars. The Ancient Khamites used these sorts of calculations to create the calendar which some argue is still more precise than the one in major use today. The creators of the site might have even been able to identify the 26,000 year cycle referred to as the Great Year. During this period, the stars seem to "reset" themselves in their positioning in our sky.

Why is all of this important you might ask? Well, the proponents of the argument of a European or Asian genesis to the amazing society of Ancient Egypt state that since the region demonstrated no sign of "high culture" prior to the unification of the two lands (Smai Tawi), the originators must have come from outside. This argument is rendered fallicious as signs of high culture in the region prior to Smai Tawi are unearthened. Carbon dating of the ancient camp fires around the Nabta Playa site have placed its creation at near 6,000 BCE. - around three millennia before the beginning of Ancient Kemet! Bauval even cites cave paintings in the region which are of people of African descent.

I must say I was surprised by Bauval's thesis. I would have expected him to follow the argument outlined by some of his collaborators (including John Anthony West). They argue that there must have been a foreign origin as well ... Atlanteans! Folks, we have seen bizarre arguments which refuse to give Africans credit for anything! Once again, our ancestors will continue to be vindicated. Until next time, Shem Hetep!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We're Back!

I have been so busy at work and pulled in different directions personally that I haven't posted in such a long time. I think part of my problem is that I approached this blog like the novice I am. I thought that I had to search far and wide to find new material for each post. Afterall, you just don't want to hear from me all the time, right?! Well, I think I might have resolved this problem. I won't give you all of my trade secrets, but I will tell you that I will now have much more material without all of the hand wringing. Stay Tuned! You're in for a wild ride!