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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Burial Chamber Discovered by 1st American African Egyptology Expedition!

African American Involvement In The Recent Discoveries Of An Egyptian Tomb

*The following blog/press release was published on Sept 17, 2010. It was forwarded to the Udjat by

September 17, 2010 / I-Newswire

Anthony and Atlantis in Karakhamun’s burial chamber.

On September 15, the Egyptian Minister of Culture announced the discovery of an Egyptian tomb “found by Egyptian-American team” (www.dr.hawass.com). The discovery of the burial chamber of a 25th Dynasty priest named Karakhamun was lead by Dr. Elena Pischikova As with any archeological discovery, one often has to dig deep in order to find hidden treasure.

The hidden treasure in the announcement of this discovery is that the one of the American members of the “Egyptian-American team” is noted African American historian and author, Anthony Browder, who has financed the excavation of the tomb since 2008.

Mr. Browder met Dr. Pischikova in Egypt in 2008 while he was conducting research for a new book. She gave him a private tour of the tomb and discussed its historical relevance to African Americans. Dr. Pischikova said that she may have to end the excavation because of a lack of finding and lamented the fact that traditional funding institutions were not interested in the 25th Dynasty because it was black African.

Understanding the historical significance of this discovery, Mr. Browder made a commitment to assist Dr. Pischikova. In 2008, Browder founded the ASA Restoration Project, a non-profit corporation, to raise funds for the continued excavation of the tomb and to promote awareness of Karakhamun and the 25th Dynasty. The ASA Restoration Project is named in honor of noted African American psychologist and historian Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, III.

Anthony and Dr. Pischikova discuss the importance of their find.

In 2009 and 2010, the Asa Restoration Project sponsored three teams of African Americans to work at the excavation site during the summer excavation season. Dr. Pischikova has acknowledged that without the support of Mr. Browder and the ASA Restoration Project this year’s discoveries would not have occurred.

Anthony Browder has made 45 trips to Egypt since 1980 and has been conducting study tours there since 1987. He is the author of 6 books, including From the Browder File and Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization. In 1989 Browder took his seven year-old daughter Atlantis on one of his study tours and they co-authored her first book My First Trip to Africa when she was eight. In August, Anthony and his daughter became the first African Americans to enter the burial chamber of Karakhamun where they spent a week excavating and photographing the contents of the burial chamber.

For more information on Mr. Browder and the ASA Restoration Project visit www.IKG-info.com.