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Ancient Egyptian Wisdom ... Daily Practice

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Video Log of our First Day in Egypt!

NOTE (8/11/09): Unfortunately I was unable to post video to blogger from Egypt. I'll be uploading compiled video posts over the course of this week. Let us know what you think! Check back every day for the next week.
I think many of you are aware that Nfr-Ka Ma’at and I have the incredible honor of serving as staff members for the African Genesis Institute. We’ve just completed our first day in Egypt. This is our sixth trip to the site of Africa’s most glorious civilization. The African Genesis Institute is a 2 ½ year rite of passage program for students aged 7 – 14, which culminates in a FREE trip to Egypt for all of the youth and adult mentors who complete the program. This year we have approximately 218 Africans with us. I’m not aware of any other group taking young people to African descent to Africa every year (to find out more click here)! I can think of few other things as important in our lives during the 9 years we’ve been involved with the program. As soon as I'm able to upload video I'll post a video collage of our first day.

Nfr-Ka Ma’at and I are elated, edified, but clearly exhausted. After our 10-hour flight to Cairo, we immediately held a brief orientation and took a dinner cruise on the Nile (Hapi). Today we primarily focused on the cultural flavor of Egypt’s current occupants. Tomorrow we’ll be waking up at 5 AM, grabbing breakfast, holding our first full orientation, and heading to the Giza plateau to train our eyes on the magnificent Great Pyramid of our African ancestor Khufu. We’ll also visit his mysterious Solar Boat Museum, and the complementary pyramids of his son, Khafra, and grandson, Menkaura. We’ll then travel a short distance to one of the world’s most noted statue monuments, Heruemaket; also known as the Sphinx. I’ll continue to post as we travel. Join us as we lead you on a virtual journey through Egypt. Have a question or want to dialogue with our students? Leave a comment. I’ll be sure to respond. Shem em Hetep (Go forth in Peace)!


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