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Ancient Egyptian Wisdom ... Daily Practice

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ancient Egyptian Symbols the Basis of Washington, D.C. Design

This weekend I had the privilege of once again taking the Egypt on the Potomac tour of Washington, D.C. With groundbreaking historical research by the Founder of the Institute for Karmic Guidance, Tony Browder; the tour uncovers the esoteric Ancient Egyptian symbols embedded in the very design of our nation's capital.

I know what some of you are thinking. "So what? Some of the buildings in Washington, D.C. are designed with the world's most noted ancient civilization in mind. Everyone loves Ancient Egypt." Actually, Brother Browder's exhaustive research proves that the very design of the city utilizes Kemetic sacred science to attempt to harmoniously channel divine energy for sustenance of this nation. The entire city is a monument to Ancient African symbolism.

Our story begins with the first president, George Washington, announcing the creation of a permanent capital along the banks of the Potomac River on January 24, 1791. The plan called for a perfect diamond/square with straight 10-mile boundaries at 90 degree angles from land ceded from Virginia and Maryland. Washington charged Andrew Ellicott with surveying this "sacred" location with the help of Benjamin Banneker. Banneker's background is quite interesting. A free-born African, he seems to have been descended from the Dogon people of West Africa who are known for their long tradition of tracking the heavens (more on this in a later post). Banneker was a self-taught astronomer of the highest order and perhaps a genius. He was able to accurately predict solar and lunar eclipses which he published in 6-year almanacs. He was also reputed to have borrowed a watch from a traveling merchant and replicated each piece in wood. His working wooden watch was able to chime hourly, and continued to operate efficiently until long after his death.

Banneker and Ellicott collaborated to create a astrologically harmonious plan for the new capital. Banneker slept in a tent while charting solar and lunar movements for approximately 3 months. Ellicott visited him daily to assist with translating these movements into land surveys. These measurements were given to a Frenchman, Major Pierre L'Enfant, to create the actual street plan. However, due to his addiction to alcohol it is likely that L'Enfant was unable to complete his work. The plan was probably completed by Banneker.

Planning the capital city in its entirety prior to construction allowed for sacred masonic (read Ancient Egyptian) principals to be ensconced into the design. For example, 16th street was planned as the corridor which bisected the city into two equal halves and also marked the sun at its highest point in the sky (also known as Aten-Ra). This "corridor of light" also crosses into the most important building in the United States, The White House. Ever wonder why The White House has some many rooms in different primary colors? It is a symbolic "refractor" (prism) for spiritual energy. Ironically, these powerful masons used sacred African aesthetics to edify themselves at the same time they subjugated and enslaved our African ancestors.

This incredible tour includes major stops at the Meridian Hill Park, the Scottish Rite Temple, the House of the Temple (Scottish Rite headquarters), and the Library of Congress. The masonic buildings are included to elucidate some of the fundamental masonic principals which are culled from Ancient African sacred science. You don't want to miss this tour! I've included a short video of my experience below. Be sure to take a look at it. Brother Browder has done the kind of work with which the ancestors must be very pleased. For more information and scheduling, visit http://www.ikg-info.com/.

What's the bottom line? Know thyself, African! This nation's founding fathers signed the greatest monuments to their power with YOUR signature. I wonder what happens when we arise to claim ownership. Shem em Hetep (Go forth in Peace)!

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