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Ancient Egyptian Wisdom ... Daily Practice

Monday, January 31, 2011

Brazil, Land of The Oppressed


Rich and esteemed for her legacy, culture, enamoring beauty,

Artistic, spiritual and grandiose African genealogy

Has been a downtrodden cesspool,

Saturated with poverty, violence, political disenfranchisement

For the “more than 90 million people of African [Ascent]” dwelling in the land

Of their Enslaved Ancestors,

Tricked, Maimed, Sodamized

Battered into this artificial society,


Solely to be Ruled and detested

Exploited and manipulated

By the psychologically depraved

Antics of European Hegemony

Chattel slavery,

Is not a story told of the past

It is still a sore and agonizing reality

It is a modern day NIGHTMARE

African Brazilians face

The approximate “3.3 million surviving the journey”

From the “5.5 million” branded, sold, and shipped

By the lethal devices of 16th century Portuguese

“I’m not riding with a black!”

“The place of blacks is in the service elevator”

These words, this stance

Used by the aristocracy of White “Righteousness”

Used to demean

And antagonize

Used to Traumatize…

To Effectively and Efficiently

Singe the wounds of Lashes

Still felt

By the carcinogenic affronts

Of Venomous Hatred Spewed from

The Hateful

Is still very prevalent in the fertile womb of our Mother’s Earth

Kemet! Kemet!

Ancestors of the Nile Valley Civilization

Nubians! Maroons! Masons!


Sistrens and Brethrens

How do we resurrect

King Narmer… Prophet Aha

Who “unified the two lands of Upper and Lower”[1] Kemet

Clairvoyance, the seed of his pineal consciousness

To Smai Tawi the essence of Ma’at as the

Foundation of ‘Political’ Morality?

Why have we been “poorer, less educated, less healthy, less powerful…

than Whites?”

The books we’re forced to read

Penetrating us vilely

Raping our emotional stability

With repetitive remarks of self-hatred

Because we are taught White Lies

Not of our ancestry

Not of our elders

Not of Predynastic Kemet

That had cultivated “The emergence of the earliest Nubian Civilization in 3800…

[Or the creation of] the 1,460-year-Old Astronomical Calendar”[2] in

4236 BC”

“Affirmative-action bills?”

“Open college enrollment and government payrolls”

To Africans in Brazil?


When I process this statement

When I visualize the intent from their thought

A wave of hysteria collapses

My ability to breathe

Because the ostentation of these political parodies

Legitimizes the very truth of our Grief

The very truth of their strategic oppression

To starve our souls

To maintain the plantation


Before they mastered mechanisms

Of Division Amongst Us

Unification is the call to ORDER

Not egocentrism

Nor Individualism

While, like in Brazil, and in most regions inhabited by Indigenous Africans

We amass “Two thirds of the country’s homicide victims”

And our health is ranked 105th while Whites are ranked 44th

By the U.N. Human Development Index

Mama “Khepera!”

Resurrect your children!

Baba “Djhuiti!”[3]

Bestow upon us

Your “Crystal Clarity”

We need to end this cycle

Of purgatory

We need to restore what you have

Taught the many

We need to realign with Ma’at:

Harmony, Truth, Justice, Law, Order,

Righteousness, Reciprocity

Will you heed the call?

[1] Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization by Anthony T. Browder, p. 51

[2] Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization by Anthony T. Browder, p. 63

[3] Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization by Anthony T. Browder, p. 83

4 Quotations not footnoted from article entitled A Great Divide—By Jack Chang,

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