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Ancient Egyptian Wisdom ... Daily Practice

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Morphic Resonance: What Did Our Ancestors Eat? Returning to Optimal Frequency With Bioelectric Cell Foods"

Brother Garth Abaka Harvey—Geneticist, Artist, Sculptor—introduced two cosmically stimulating terms—Morphic Resonance—at the home and business of Alkaline Nutritionist and ‘The Fig Tree’ Co-Founder, Ma’a. Every third Saturday, Ma’a—a brilliant, reflective, existentially experienced alkaline nutritionist and practitioner of ‘Dimensional Healing’—hosts health and healing oriented symposiums. During these rejuvenating and educational symposiums, exquisitely versed scholars present and communicate the profound research they have unearthed in their studies.

At The Fig Tree’s most recent interactive seminar, Brother Harvey taught us why we must have a vital innerstanding of our bodies at a cellular level; and why awareness and knowledge of balancing our bodies with a ratio of seventy percent negative ionization to thirty percent positive ionization allows us to function at our optimal best. Essentially, when our pineal gland, our DNA, and all of our cells exist in a viscerally nutritive environment, the anatomical harmony we have cultivated allows us to emanate and to receive the Divine cosmic energy embedded in other structurally Divine emanations left for us by our ancestors. The energy encompassed in these structures, but more so, the intensity of its intention, literally communicates with the Righteous, the ones devoted to the principles of Ma’at, consequently enabling us to Actualize our intent…Morphic Resonance. Brother Harvey fervently reinforced that treating our bodies— the vessel that fortifies our Spirit—with love and respect, significantly relies on what we CONSUME. For instance, whenever we consume highly acidic, hybridized (genetically modified), overly processed, i.e. denatured foods, our very act systematically undermines our DNA’s capacity to regulate its proper function…our holistic capacity to maintain Homeostasis (balance, equilibrium) within every sector of our lives. Consequently, not only do we cultivate an internal environment vulnerable to dis-eases (heightened susceptibility to pathogens), toxins, digestive tract ulcerations from acidosis, organ system malfunctions due to mucous formations and conglomerations, we gravely diminish our propensity for being the receptors and transmitters of Morphic Resonance; we fundamentally stupefy our innate proclivity for intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and soulful clairvoyance and POWER.

How can we create more of what has been deemed “the wonders of the world,” like our ancestors? Our ancestors, they “built for eternity,” Jabari Osaze emphatically states, because they KNEW that we would forget who we are!!!! We have to resurrect the spirit of our ancestors within us and leave marvelous erections behind for our future such that they too can REMEMBER who they are. How can we achieve this degree of triumph, like our Ancient Ancestors, if our light vessels are clogged and downright contaminated?

Morphic Resonance is the science and art of erecting and exemplifying structural formations—Great Mercooti (Pyramids), Collossi (Amenhotep III), Temples (Karnak and Luxor), Abu Simbel, Olmec Heads, to resonate with the power to transmit energetic intention to the practitioners of Ma’at—allowing us to master and to righteously execute the laws of the universe. Many ancient indigenous civilizations—the Kemetians (Egyptians) aka Nubians, Mayans, Olmecs etc KNEW this TRUTH and thus created these monumental structures. They knew the purpose of these vibrationally enthralling erections.

How can we build an Internal state of Morphic Resonance? How can we EMIT the intention of our Divine Neters and Neteru? We can begin and continue to heal ourselves from false indoctrinations by purifying, cleansing, detoxifying, rejuvenating and revitalizing our physical vessels with “electrical cell foods.” Today marks day twenty-four since I have consciously decided to stop justifying my attachment to addictive chemicals this society calls food. I have made a concerted effort to END the cycle of abuse to my body because I have acknowledged that foods that feed my emotions rather than my holistic being are as dangerous and neurologically depleting as narcotics. Since the decision to live like my ancestors of the Hapi (Nile) River Valley and consume these alkaline-enriched herbal compounds, the muscle spasms in my right arm have deceased. Electric Cell Food…SEA MOSS—contains “92 of the 102 minerals” that constitute our cellular make-up. Sea moss is biologically rich with “the same minerals found in the earth and sea, which are also found within our bodies. Seamoss nourishes bones, thyroid and glands, pulmonary and respiratory illnesses, dissolves fat, calms appetite, is effective against cancer, ulcers, etc.” How do we cleanse our BLOOD—the life source that transports our life force—OXYGEN? Maya, a blood purifier, rich in iron, increases energy, relieves stress, headaches, calms nerves, and treats anemia.” Maya is so potently fertile, it has revamped my body. For the fist time in years, I have not had any pre-menstrual or menstrual cramps, nor other symptoms we have been brainwashed to believe are naturally associated with a wombman’s cycle. I have always wanted to truly innerstand what our ancestors knew that enabled them to decipher the Secret messages of the universe… to precisely map the stars via astroprojection… transport granite rock weighing thousands of tons to construct the Great Mercooti… innerstand the laws of energy, physics, gravity, symmetry, angles, architecture, so succinctly, that today, thousands of years since its erection, Majestic Tekens (Obelisks) stand erect with their own base sustaining their upward posture. Our ancestors knew and lived by the principle of the symbolic structures they created, i.e. the Temple of Luxor’s chambers architecturally reflect the organs, systems, their functions—the physiological and metaphysical blueprint of the Divine Human being.

Our ancestors knew that Hekau, sacred words of wisdom, carried intention in their sound and frequencies, hence, they were able to commune with the Neters and Neteru. They also knew that various structures embodied the capability to transmit energetic intention to persons whose lives synergistically aligned with Ma’at—Balance, Order, Harmony, Reciprocity, Justice, Righteousness, Truth—with nature, with the universe and galaxies. They were true gatekeepers of our ONENESS. Therefore, I “accept the call to higher consciousness”, like Brother Chike Akua, innovative entrepreneur, educator, author, motivational speaker, would resoundingly state. Knowing that my intent is to attain the sacred knowledge of my ancestors, I am committed to vigilantly executing the will to harness my “Personal Power.” Personal Power, renowned scholar Dr. Edward Robinson educates, originates from one’s ability to clear their pre-frontal cortex, receive the cosmic particles of RA (NTU) and make their goals a reality. I challenge you to energize and ACTIVATE the FULL POTENTIAL of your African Mind…to function as Symbols of Morphic Resonance, prepared to receive our ancestors’ Divine Transmissions. For More Information about Ma’a and The Fig Tree, visit www.thefigtreeonline.com

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