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Ancient Egyptian Wisdom ... Daily Practice

Thursday, May 28, 2009

8,000 Year Old Nabta Playa Vandalized?

Obviously our media is not interested in proof of the extraordinary scientific prowess of African communities 8,000 years ago. Even with the research that I did for my initial post on the stone circle calendar in the Egyptian dessert, I did not find news of the vandalism of the site which occurred over a year ago. The issue came up on my Google Alert today. Astrophysicist Thomas G. Brophy reported that the vandalism was clear when reviewing his photos from 2007 to those taken in 2008. Dr. Brophy and Robert Bauval are collaborating on the upcoming book, Black Genesis (see initial post).
Upon hearing this disturbing news, I couldn't help but think whether similar vandalism at the famed European megalith site, Stonehenge, would have received a virtual media blackout. I'm sure some of our readers are familiar with Stonehenge but only became aware of Nabta Playa due to our post. Nabta Playa is at least 3,000 years older. I will attempt to get in contact with Dr. Brophy to ascertain the severity of the damage. Let's hope that this key reference point in the history and development of African science is not simply erased from its sandy base. Shem em Hetep (Go forward in Peace)!

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