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Ancient Egyptian Wisdom ... Daily Practice

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Genetic Study Proves Africans are World's Ancestors

The most elaborate study of African DNA to date has reinforced the concept of an African origin of all humanity. The study released in the scholarly journal Science and reported in The Independent (UK) analyzed the DNA of 121 distinct populations of modern-day Africans—many in remote regions. These 121 populations all descended from 14 ancestral populations. Perhaps this was the primary esoteric message in the story of the 14 dismembered pieces of Ausar?

The study which took 10 years and analyzed the DNA of 3,000 Africans found that the southern African San people are perhaps the ancestors of us all. The San, who feature the most genetic diversity, can be found primarily in Botswana and in South Africa. Jill Scott are you listening?! The study also found that the present-day people of East Africa belong to the same ancestral group that migrated out of the motherland and populated Asia and the rest of the world.

One of the main findings was that groups that have settled thousands of miles apart share a genetic heritage and often ... similar languages. For example, the Sandawe and Hadza of Tanzania share common heritage with the Khoisan of southern Africa ... all three share "click" languages.

A few quick observations and I'm certainly interested in hearing your comments (please post):
1) It should now be clear that Africans are not only the mother/fathers of civilization, but also for humanity. It is amazing that these divine progenitors are now amongst the most maligned and impoverished people in the world.
2) With all of the sophisticated DNA studies made possible by modern science ... why was the only truly modern review of our Ancient Khemetic ancestors done by Cheikh Anta Diop? Or is it that these haven't been released for public consumption? I remember hearing that when Diop requested access to royal mummies, he was consistently thwarted. It was stated that taking a millimeter of skin for his melanin dosage test would have been "disrespectful". Ironically, history is replete with stories of mummies being used by Europeans for the most perverted purposes - like pulverizing them for use in early European medicinal remedies. Finally, when Diop got access to some of the mummies he found that nearly all of the skin HAD ALREADY BEEN SCRAPED OFF!
3) Our Ancient Khemetic ancestors were certainly relational people -- the poets of their age. Perhaps many of their myths are not only parables which provide us with an ethical guide, but also tales meant to reconnect us the lost history of humanity. We will take a closer look at the San people, from here on called the Ausar-San in this blog, in future posts.

That's all for now. Let us say hekau (words of power) to the souls of our ancestors. Thank them for staying the course along their difficult journey. For without their perseverance, we would not exist. We must reclaim their legacy. Their story will not be untold. We are here. The world awaits the awakening of our ancestral memory. Shem em Hetep!
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